Welcome to my website!

Since the 2010s, the Internet has slowly and surely rolled into the abyss, and 2020 has become the year of its complete transformation (not for the better). I didnt liked what has become and missed the good old days of forums and poorly made personal websites that i had luck to stumble upon, so as an adult and a little more intelligent being, I decided to try to make my own.

Once again im by no means a professional, not even an enthusiast - im trying to do this page from little base so mistakes might appear from time to time. And there is no guarantee that I will fix them properly...just dont be surprised, random citizen.

It also will be in permanent state of "under construction" because my interests and tastes tend to change rapidly.
Also want to apologise in advance if sometimes text appear a bit scatterbrained... It's a little hard for me to formulate my thoughts.

Hope you will enjoy your stay anyway :)

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